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The Box:
Two small children, newly-orphaned, are separated—one sent east and one sent west, their names changed, and their vast fortune stolen. The story begins fifteen years later when they begin their search for each other, their only clue: a box the boy had with him when they were separated. Unknown to the boy, now wearing rags, hidden in the box is a treasure worth more than a king’s ransom.


"The Box is a fast read, and I couldn’t wait to find out what was in the box."
           --William Thompson, Editor Emeritus for John Grisham and Stephen King.

“I was interested to learn that one of our most popular brands [Juicy Fruit] plays a starring role in your story [The Box].  I am always delighted to hear about how our products are truly woven into the lives of people around the world.  Thank you again, O. J.”

--William Wrigley, Jr., President and CEO at Wm. Wrigley, Jr. Company.


"The Box is an inspirational tale of devotion.  It reflects values of loyalty and determination that are so often overlooked in these turbulent times.  I recommend The Box to anyone who needs a reminder of the power of family and love."

--Mark Klaas (Marc Klaas, KlaasKids Foundation, has appeared frequently on Larry King Live, CNN Headline News, and Nancy Grace.)



A Trace of Smoke: 

When the tobacco cartel suddenly learns it is one vote shy on a winner-take-all bill in Congress, it taps Todd Carrington as its tie breaker. But Todd hates the tobacco industry. So the tobacco boys go after his fiancée, Barbara Dare-if she's hiding anything, they'll use it to pry loose his vote.

Barbara Dare is hiding something all right-hiding it in the mountains. The Dare family secret has been lying dormant all these years, like a powder keg next to a smoldering campfire, waiting for someone to kick a hot coal its way. The tobacco cartel is in the business of kicking hot coals at powder kegs. Everything is all set for the explosion.

It will appear tiny at first, little more than a Fourth of July firecracker, hardly enough to knock a man in a closet out of his wheelchair, and the word count will take up less space than if someone had whispered at an all-day-singing and dinner-on-the-ground that the preacher had run off with the piano player, but the fallout will be massive. The Great Smoky Mountains will be hit worst of all, especially the apple blossoms.

Barbara Dare has known all her life that one day some men-and they won't be nice men-will be coming for her. She just doesn't know it will be today. She has always planned to run when they come, so running is what the beautiful young coed does best. Thirty minutes and counting.



My resting pulse rate was 116..., July 25, 2000


Phyllis Pounds (Chattanooga, TN USA)

I finished A Trace of Smoke today, at the doc's office, just before I was called in for BP check and weight, I was in the chapter just before the final three pages. My resting pulse rate was 116...

They wanted to know what was going on with me. Well, I showed them the book and told them where I was and I was in a panic. I re-read the last three pages several times. WHAT a story!

I truly loved it.



I have not read such a good mystery since THE DaVINCI, May 18, 2004


Nicole P. Rodriguez (Dalton, Ga USA)

A TRACE OF SMOKE was fabulous! I stayed awake until almost two a.m. so that I could finish it. I didn't want to put it down. I have not read such a good mystery since THE DaVINCI CODE by Dan Brown. Finding a well-written book nowadays is difficult. They seem to be written so simply, and many are full of vulgarity and graphic violence. I am ready for the next book.

I really appreciated the colorful descriptions of the Smokies and the surrounding areas, as well as the true-to-life pictures you painted of the mountain people. Grandmother Dare made me think of my own family, especially my Granny (Mama's mother). As I read about Barbara's childhood, I thought of my own, growing up in the woods, climbing trees and building straw houses, feeding mud pies to my brother... so many fun memories.

I called Dad this morning and told him how much I enjoyed the book. He is anxious to read it.

Nicole Rodriguez, Dance Instructor

Dalton, Georgia





Richard Buffington (Tennessee) - See all my reviews

I didn't start reading until shortly before my 65th birthday. That was sixteen months ago and since then I have read sixty-one (61) books - most of them by the heavyweights (Stephen King, Ken Follett, Dean Koontz, Jonathan Kellerman, James Patterson, John Sanford, Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child, Lisa Scottoline, the Left Behind Series, all of John Grisham's, and more). "A Trace of Smoke" is by far the most enjoyable book I've read so far. I can hardly wait for his next one. A couple more like this and this author will knock the big guns right off their perches.




What a thriller!!!, August 7, 2000


Rosemarie Park, Computer Systems Mgr. (Chattanooga, TN USA)

What a thriller!!! Finished "A Trace of Smoke" this week. I didn't have a large enough block of time to finish it all at once, so read it in bites and gulps. It was extremely hard not to finish it each time. In fact, I was late to work one day because I couldn't stop reading. Then I took it to work and read on my lunch hour. It was fun to read about places that many of us are familiar with and that have meaning to us. It made it easy to picture them.


Clyde, the Elf that Santa Fired:
"Before they got him, Clyde performed an act so heroic it won the admiration of man and beast, and even charmed the angels..."

Set in the Great Smoky Mountains, O. J. Bryson’s gift-book novel "Clyde, the Elf That Santa Fired" is a heartwarming tale for the entire family (ages twelve through adult). At the heart of the story is Favorite, a little girl who has been terribly wronged. Her parents, both attorneys, die in a suspicious plane crash. Their law partner, Charlie Striker, is suspected, but not charged. Striker takes over the firm, moves himself into their mansion, and sticks Favorite in an orphanage in the poorest part of town, hoping she’ll catch pneumonia and die.

Favorite has no one to take her side. Until…

Along comes Clyde! (Heaven help her!)

Santa’s elves have the measles, so Santa has hired Clyde to help deliver the toys. Clyde, a carefree but loveable prankster, could not care less about children. Besides, he has troubles of his own – the Capture Team from where he used to live is hot on his trail.

Right off the bat one of Clyde’s pranks goes awry, embarrassing Santa and leaving Favorite heartbroken. Weighed down with shame, and aching for a chance to make things right, Clyde later learns that Favorite is "sick unto death" – her enemies have done their worst. Clyde, alone, has the cure. To save the child, he will have to run the race of his life. But first he must escape. Tonight, he will make the death jump!

"Clyde…" is a dynamite story with child-giggling explosions at every turn. The happiest of all sad endings.


Clyde is great!, June 1, 2004


Stacey E. Walker (Chattanooga, TN United States)


Clyde, the Elf That Santa Fired is a fantastic book for kids as well as adults. I'll never think about Santa Claus the same way again. I liked this book so much, I've read it 3 times so far. This is Dr. Bryson's best book so far, in my opinion!



…great novel.”

                   --Harley-Davidson Motor Company

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